Gordon Christie



It’s been quite some time since there’s been content here.

This site will serve as my place to talk about some of the things I do, namely:

  • Software Development - both professionally, freelance and as an entertaining hobby.
  • Exercise - I’ve been doing more of this lately, and I’ve been trying to apply geekiness to keep myself on track.
  • Cooking - related to the previous item, I’ve been trying to become a better cook. I’ll write a bit about the things that I’ve learned.
  • Geekiness - interesting things that I find.

There are many things I still need to do, including sorting out a theme. For now though, it’s more important to make a start.

I’ve read enough of these first posts to know that what I plan may not end up being what is here. But this is the first step to finding out.

I hope that you enjoy reading.