Gordon Christie


Upgrading to EdinBus 3

A massive update for EdinBus is coming. I’ve been working on it for quite some time, and it takes advantage of new features available only in iOS 5.

If you have an original iPhone, iPhone 3G or an iPod Touch 1st or 2nd generation, you can still run the existing version of EdinBus, but you should take a backup of the app in iTunes in case it gets overwritten and you need to restore it.

This is how you do it:

  • Open iTunes
  • Go to the Apps folder in the left sidebar
  • Find EdinBus and right-click on it (or Ctrl-Left Click on Mac)
  • Choose “Show in Finder” on Mac or “Show in Windows Explorer” on Windows
  • Take a copy of this file and keep it safe

If iTunes ever overwrites EdinBus with a version you can’t run, you can replace it with this version.

EdinBus 2.4.1 will continue to work with MyBusTracker for the foreseeable future.