Gordon Christie


New Site

I’ve had a presence on the Internet now for about fourteen years, and I’ve had this domain for ten years this week. I had a very terrible website in 1996 courtesy of my university account, and my own blogging (or “diary”, since the term hadn’t been coined at the time) started in early 1999 and continued very sporadically as the years progressed. This first diary was created using HTML manually.

Around that time, I was intrigued by XSLT and the ability to write a post once, then transform it into different versions based on client (e.g. HTML, WAP, etc). However I ended up using and embedding Livejournal quite soon after that, so never did create what would probably have been an XML monstrosity.

For gordonchristie.com, I’ve recently been using Squarespace, and it works very well. However it is somewhat overpowered for what I need, and is quite expensive. It also has no mobile version.

I’m instead using Octopress for blogging, on a Linode host. I’ve heard good things about it, and it has nice features (in particular, the mobile first, responsive web design).

I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs.