Gordon Christie


EdinBus 2.3

EdinBus 2.3 for iPhone (iTunes Link) is out!

The biggest addition is a healthy dose of extra data from the good folks at mybustracker.co.uk. Stop directions are now shown on the map, and stop names are no longer truncated.

Also included are some fancy new iPhone 4 retina display graphics. In app graphics are all enhanced, and there’s a new sharper icon for iPhone 4 and iPad. No longer will you have to keep a fuzzy icon on your home screen!

Oh, and the EdinBus bus has some new livery to match Lothian Buses’ new paintwork in “madder” and white.

Behind the scenes there’s some new database generation code thanks to Niall Scott, which will make updates in future much faster. (Niall has an Android bus tracking app you should check out if you’re that way inclined)

More is in the works for EdinBus.. Watch this space!